Monday, April 14, 2008

Jaunt Cast Bio, Part III

Third up is:
Doctor Richard de Lis. Born in Ontario. Age 55, DOB 9.07.2089. Based in the Underground (U) Complex in Ottawa, heads the theoretical studies laboratory. Formerly chair of the Theoretical Physics Department at the University of Ottawa. Advises the United Nations Council on Theoretical Physical Applications. Undergrad and graduate studies completed at the University of Toronto. Doctorate in Particle Physics at York University. Member of the American Physical Society, American Institute of Physics, visiting faculty of the MIT Center for Theroretical Physics. Met rogue neutronic weaponization provider Dr Nouri Yastanni in 2129 at a Large Hadron Collider lecture in Bern, Switzerland. Single. 5’8”. Hobbies/Interests: Reading old pulp novels, secretly wanting to act in a weekly cineweb series. Character traits observed by colleague and right hand, Doctor Stacia Waters: “Incessant laughter in his office at ridiculous twenty-first century comedy skits when thought to be peer-reviewing papers. I also have a secret webvideo of him in his twenties ‘acting’ in university, which I will use to get a pay raise!”
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