Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ether Has Arrived! New For 2012

That's right, the second, and long-promised, novel in the JauntWorld series, Ether, is finally here! After much deliberation, I decided to publish Ether as an exclusive ebook for the time being. Financial considerations what they are, it's just more feasible to go strictly epub. Should I figure out a good way to print a trade edition, the formatting and interior layout are complete, allowing me to do so easily. I'll also look into a way to create a downloadable PDF in the future for those interested in a more traditional, one-off print "book".

I have recently joined Scribd (find me under jauntworld) where a three-chapter sample of Ether is currently available there, as is a full, FREE, download of that chestnut, 2 Shorts (+1). I will periodically upload new content to Scribd as it is available. Please look for me there and don't forget to download Ether! Oh, and Jaunt is still available, too!

Monday, December 19, 2011

An Open Letter To Kim Jong-Un

This your time. Your people will follow you into the future. Truly make the People's Republic live up to its name and allow you people's voices to be heard. Open your country to the world. End the Stalinist purges. End your nuclear program. End the useless propaganda—no one buys it, not even your own people anymore with modern technology. Follow the example set by Burma and allow elections. Follow China and open your markets. You have no blood on your hands, giving you legitimacy to the eyes of the world. Do all of these things and truly become a Beloved and Great Leader, not the facades your forefathers propagated. It is true Juche to do these great things.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tsar Vladi's Bad Week

So, apparently parading around doing burly, manly activities (including hosting an Us vs. Them Russian-American wrestling match) isn't enough to wrangle your party to a total victory in a rigged parliamentary election in these desperate days anymore, Vlad. Sorry to hear your and Dmitry's pre-arranged job swap isn't inflaming great love for your return, either. While I doubt your electorate will kick you out for good (something tells me you'll find some spare votes in a crevice) perhaps you should think twice and consider a few guys to the south who've disregarded their populace this past year. Your armed forces have a lot of time on their hands, too, and I hear they don't get paid that well, or often. Keep an open mind.