Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jaunt Cast Bio, Part II

Second up is:
Special Agent Gregory L. Mason. Badge number 5987456332150. Age 33, DOB 05.31.2111. Born in Virginia. Special Agent in the Global Intelligence Directorate of the Washington Bureau. Uses a ten-round, 10mm semi-automatic E4.10c “Bull” pistol, IIA-version voxlink with ground-to-space connection to the Global Security Network and a standard-issue IIA holobook capable of two-way weblink with IIA HQ in D.C. Single, with girlfriends in three different cities. 5’ 9”. Hobbies/Interests: Latenight cineweb viewing, outdoor sports. Character traits observed by partner, Gilmour: “With a good night’s rest, you wouldn’t have to catnap four times a day.”
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