Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reduced Ebook Prices and Et Cetera

I've brought 'em down to 99 cents, less than a buck! The way the trends are going in ebook sales, the lower, the better. Maya continues to trickle a few sales on Amazon, while Jaunt was zilch—to say the least—so I decided to take what pennies I could. And don't forget, 2 Shorts (+1) is free—don't say I never did anything for ya!

I've read recently of the million-ebook sales club on Amazon consisting of the biggest names in publishing right now, and with that name recognition, they can charge more than the price point of a standard mass market. Well, we little guys cannot match that so we have to compete where we can, and that's in these lesser prices. Personally any price point over five dollars is just overreaching it, to be honest. Multimillion-dollar contracted authors really don't require $15 ebooks.

Okay, enough about that. I've been working on comics plots for the better part of two years, with a story arc running for a seven-issue series. I'm enormously private about works in progress, as I have minimal confidence in myself as the work is taking shape, but I can't help but post that I am indeed actually writing, just not in my usual manner and in the familiar sandbox of JauntWorld. Doing this comic work involves an extra degree of confidence that I'm not just fooling myself! I love comics, have since I was old enough to read, and they're my first literary love. But I just don't have anything I'm ready to show for my efforts—yet. When I do, this blog—even though its primary focus is on JauntWorld—will display it, and I hope everyone will see it as the labor of love (and love letter to comics) that it is.
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