Saturday, January 3, 2009

JauntWorld, Year 2

JauntWorld begins year 2 in 2009! With all the turmoil in my personal life, I'm looking forward to finishing the first draft of Ether and finally releasing the first two Agent Maya books after much delay (not due to writing, mind, just scheduling time to fit them in). The crucial last act of Ether is still to be committed to paper (or hard drive) but the impetus is there!

A further project I have begun is the gathering and editing of a book honoring my father's artwork and illustrations, tentatively titled Kreffel: A Life in Gags, that I will be self-publishing through in the future, with all proceeds benefitting charity. This volume (one of a projected work of volumes, more likely) will be all his black and white comic strips, panels, magazine and editorial work created in the nearly four decades of his career, starting from late high school, his years in the US Army, Indiana Bell Yellow Pages advertising and his final decades in freelancing. This is a monumental task, as he was extremely prolific, and scanning all this linework in is a job unto itself! It's a labor of love, though, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy 2009!
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