Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jaunt Cast Bio, Part V

Next up in our cast biographies goes back to the heroes.
Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Dark Horse, born in Buffalo, New York. Age 53, DOB 06.10.2091. Pentagon USNA Army liaison to the DoE, based in Washington, DC. Graduated top ten percentile in West Point class of ‘13. Formerly assigned to Army Intelligence, department and activities classified. Took command of covert Select Army Attachment Bravo upon promotion to Major, activities classified. Reassigned to Pentagon upon promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, works in liaison with all divisions of the USNA Armed Forces, as well as the DoE, official activities includes research into new energies and forms of renewable fuels, unofficial are classified. Married, one daughter. 5’ 10”. Hobbies/Interests: Whitewater rafting, archery and other outdoor sports.
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